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Did you know that PCs and Laptops slow down over time? Compared with cars and other mechanical devices, personal computers(PCs) don't require a lot of care, having said that, they're not maintenance-free.
Even a brand-new laptop will have programs that need to be updated for peak performance.

Did you know that it's estimated that there are more than 70,000 viruses floating around on the Web. Among computers that are brought for repairs, about 85% have at least one virus.


While some toil for hours in a garage souping up their cars, Dino Strkljevic spends his free time with liquid nitrogen in his computer room trying to build the fastest computer in the world.

Picture: Dino Strkljevic overclocking


  solve pc TUNE UP

Get in first! Tired of waiting hours to have a look at a website? Book your next holiday in minutes!
As part of our service, we can speed up your PC, clean unused programs, boost performance, add life to your current PC.

Tune UP service is a complete system-maintenance package where we optimise your computer's utilities to tuneup and boost windows performance.

You already know that your computer is almost like a good tracking device. After each click either on a internet page or just browsing, everything is controlled and traceble. All this information is kept in temporary files and registry entries. You can imagine if you haven't cleaned out this junk information for a long time, it can be a problem. The more you use your computer, the slower it gets.

All your temporary files will be removed. Registry Repairs and Junk files removal will be part of the process to ensure that we save valuable disk space. Tune UP service will also prevent application crashes or programs shutting down on you, spy applications running behind your back, and also delete all tracking information to ensure that we protect your privacy.

You call, we fix, we deliver.

It really is just that simple.
Solve PC provides a complete system-maintenance service for you, if you leave locally in Southampton or Winchester area.

Speed up your Internet connection by a minimum of 60% with TUNE UP service.Book your holiday in minutes, after your computer has been through our TUNE UP process delivered by Solve PC qualified engineers.

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Trouble with Vista? You are not alone! Being a home user, you can only benefit with our downgrade service Tune up your laptop!

If we can't help you with remote support, we will go on-site to help in broadband configuration...

Clean your pc!

PC’s collect dust and grime. We physically clean your PC inside and out professionally. Back up your laptop!

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