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Did you know that the computer was launched in 1943, more than 100 years after Charles Babbage designed the first programmable device?
Babbage dropped his idea after he couldn't raise capital for it. In 1998, the Science Museum in London, UK, built a working replica of the Babbage machine, using the materials and work methods available at Babbage's time. It worked, just as Babbage had intended.


Baltimore residents will be the first in the USA today to have access to a next-generation broadband network built by a major wireless company - a step that turns much of the city into a "hot spot" for Web surfing on the move.

Read WiMAX wireless network story



Have you bought a new printer or you just want to loose all cables around the house and go with the popular wireless internet? Perhaps you tried to do it on your own but not sure how to continue? Are you frustrated and you just want a professional to take care of it?

If we can't help you with remote support , we will come on-site to help solve Broadband configuration, Printer or networking problems.

We provide onsite engineer visits for areas within a 10 miles radius between Southampton and Winchester. Our response rate is incredibly good. Engineers are assigned for each support email within 2 hours.

Solve PC provides you on-site and workshop laptop repairs and maintenance, network troubleshooting and wireless networking as a local computer repair service in the Southampton and Winchester area.

You call, we fix, we deliver.

It really is just that simple.
Solve PC provides a complete system-maintenance service for you, if you live locally in Southampton or Winchester area.

On-site support is available to sort out your computer needs at home. If you don't have the time to think about how to solve your broken internet connection, not working printer or your partner's laptop fails to connect onto your wireless broadband connection, feel free to drop us an email and Solve PC Onsite support is ready to give you complete peace of mind.

Since we have to visit lots of homes, you will understand that people prefer tidy workman in their house. In fact we are so domesticated, we even wear slippers when we come into your house!

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We can speed up your PC, clean unused programs,boosted performance, add life to your current PC. Tune up your laptop!

PC’s collect dust and grime. We physically clean your PC inside and out professionally. Clean your pc!

We offer you piece of mind, and data security with our DRS package in 48 hours. Back up your laptop!

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