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Many end users chose to dump Vista from their new PC's - typically in favor of XP, but sometimes also one of the Server variants.

Did you know Microsoft was convicted of software piracy 7 years ago by a French court? Not many people do. Read this article how the Commercial Court of Nanterre fined Microsoft
3 million francs.


And given that Windows 7 has now entered in public test phase, the live launch is close enough for many end users, to keep on using Windows
and wait for Windows 7.

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7



Did Microsoft fail with Vista?Half the peripherals purchased a year ago won't work with the newest operation system, Microsoft Vista.

Windows XP is noticeably faster than Vista on the same hardware, and it gets by with much less RAM and hard drive space. Do you feel regret after a costly upgrade (purchase of Vista license)? Are you concerned that things are not working how you were expected to?

You call, we fix, we deliver

It really is just that simple.
Solve PC provides a unique downgrade service for you, if you leave locally in Southampton or Winchester area.

I'm sure you already know that Microsoft's Service Pack 3 makes XP even faster, but the same cannot be said of Vista's Service Pack 1. Windows Explorer appears to crash far more often than in Vista.

Once you have called us, we come to you, we collect, we return, all at your convenience. You won’t be wondering what’s happening as we keep you informed as we downgrade Vista operation system to Windows XP Professional. Then, we return your PC, at an agreed time – by appointment. We will always visit you, which means that no need to spend fuel, driving to your repair centre, long times on the telephone or waiting in a queue. This saves you time and money. This hassle and stress free computer repair service is for you, if you live locally in Southampton or Winchester area.

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We can speed up your PC, clean unused programs,boosted performance, add life to your current PC. Tune up your laptop!

PC’s collect dust and grime. We physically clean your PC inside and out professionally.

Clean your pc!

We offer you piece of mind, and data security with our DRS package in 48 hours. Back up your laptop!

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