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Did you know that I.T. industry research has concluded that up to 70% of computer-related breakdowns are caused by dust and other debris.

Did you know that the average computer keyboard is proven to accumulate more germs than a public toilet?

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With a waterproof and dust-resistant keyboard and wireless mesh network capability, which can catch nearby frequencies up to 350 metres, the XO-1 laptop offers many features unavailable in conventional laptops.

OLPC has sold about 700,000 laptops


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Computer keyboards are accumulating up to two grams of dirt every month, research conducted on behalf of AOL UK shows. Computers are a magnet to dirt, the electromagnetic field generated by your PC actually attracts dirt. They suck in dust from the air and cover their components with it.

The result is overheating and poor performance, data loss, or even system breakdowns. Now here’s a CLEAN PC solution to solve your problem, that can help protect your vulnerable electronic devices, not to mention your health!
Standard laptop repair for us, it means that we start wtih the basics. Solve PC engineers will open your laptop or personal computer and clean inside and out. Just like maintaining your car with regular oil changes, computers need regular maintenance, as well.

Solve PC is recomending the CLEAN PC package to have as part of a professional computer Hygiene service, which can offer you the peace of mind, prior to your laptop breakdown or crash. Cleaning your PC can also prevent the spread of germs. By removing the dust and dirt from the inside of your laptop, it will boost its life in the long run and will ensure enhanced performance.

You call, we fix, we deliver.

It really is just that simple.
Solve PC provides a complete system-maintenance service for you, if you live locally in Southampton or Winchester area.

CLEAN PC solution is home users favourite, giving you the best feeling in the world - feel clean and stay clean! Will help protect your vulnerable electronic devices, not to mention your health.

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Trouble with Vista? You are not alone! Being a home user, you can only benefit with our downgrade service Tune up your laptop!

We can speed up your PC, clean programs,boost performance, add life to your current PC. Tune up your laptop!

We offer you peace of mind, and data security with our DRS package in 48 hours. Back up your laptop!

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