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Southampton and Winchester

We are here to serve you and instantly solve PC problems.
You can call us any time. We will speak plain English, not geek speak.
All our engineers live locally, around Southampton and Winchester area.

No need to spend fuel, driving to your repair centre, long times on the telephone or waiting in a queue...

On-site IT support to Southampton residents or computer repairs in Winchester.

You call, we fix, we deliver.

-------- All at your convenience.

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Solve PC provides you with our on-line solution helping you to book easily under 2 minutes your Laptop Repairs or computer repair job in Southampton and Winchester area.




Trouble with Vista? You are not alone! Being a home user, you can only benefit with our downgrade service to Windows XP Professional, eliminating incompatibilities and application issues.
You won’t be wondering what’s happening as we keep you informed as we downgrade from your Vista operation system to Win XP Pro.

laptop repairs southampton 48 DRS - DISASTER RECOVERY SERVICE
Sadly, computers do fall over. This could be through a virus, domestic accident, or something else. We offer you peace of mind, and data security with our DRS package in 48 hours.
Just think what would happen, if you would lost all your priceless family photos and your database, or your autobiography or first novel

Clean your pc! ON-SITE SUPPORT
If we can't help you with remote support , we will go on-site to help in Broadband configuration, Printer or networking problems. Since we have to visit lots of homes, you will understand that people prefer tidy workman in their house. In fact we are so domesticated, we even wear slippers when we come into your house!

For business users a functional clear website is an absolute must for any trade or business nowadays. We work with you to design a website that generates enquiries and even take orders for you 24/7 - 365.
Our experienced professionals realize that in this competitive world you have got to make sure your investment in a website pays off.

Tune up your laptop!TUNE UP
Get in first! Tired of waiting hours to have a look at a website? Book your next holiday under 1 minute! As part of our service, we can speed up your PC, clean unused programs, boost performance and add life to your current PC. Laptops and computers collect dust and grime. We physically clean your PC, inside and out professionally.
Get more memory at!
NHS staff discount

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